Former RREDC Exec Director Jeff Zander Arrested



Remember Jeff Zander? He was the semi-legendary con man that the Redwood Region Economic Development Corporation hired to be its executive director a couple of years ago -- inexplicably.

As detailed at the second link above, dating from a year or so ago, Zander had plenty of unresolved legal troubles before he came to Humboldt County. Among them was a federal law enforcement investigation relating to his tenure as economic development director of Utah's Paiute Tribe. Even before he got the RREDC job, the Paiutes were alleging that Zander used his position at the tribe to embezzle federal grant monies.

On Dec. 8, a federal grand jury handed down an indictment against Zander relating to these allegations. It's a pretty decent read, containing as it does details of Zander's alleged misappropriation of grant funds, which include the formation of several shell companies that "subcontracted" work from the Paiutes. Also: Income tax evasion. 

Two sources connected to the case confirm that Zander has been arrested, though there appears to be no Googleable news coverage of this.

Download the latest federal indictment against Zander here.


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