Is Everybody HAPPY?



Hey, everybody! Are y'all feeling happy? Of course you are! All right!

How do I know you're so happy? Because no less an authority than Sunset Magazine tells me so! In its February issue, Sunset -- your "premier resource for achieving the ultimate Western lifestyle" -- names Eureka one of the top 10 happiest places left of the Rockies.

Why so? Sunset's flak explains:

Congratulations! Eureka is featured in Sunset Magazine’s list of Best Towns of 2011. The list, which focuses on the ten best places to live and find happiness, can be found in the February issue of the magazine, which hits stands this week.

What is it about Eureka that will make residents happy? According to Sunset's editors it's the best place if you want to be a not-so-struggling artist.

Just this announcement itself is like 10 tabs of X melted down and squirted into my eyeballs, so I almost forgot to tell Arcata to suck it. Step up, Eureka! You join Scottsdale, Sonoma County and Crestone, Colo., in a Hanseatic League of the Blessed!

February Sunset hits newsstands this week! Or whenever the mail finally gets here!


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