Bigfoot A La Mode




Yes, dearies, our stylish hairy man hit the runway during Paris Fashion Week to show those fashionistas how to dud-up (with help from Adam Kimmel). Gushes the L.A. Times:

The major inspiration behind Kimmel's Pacific Northwest collection was artist Dan Attoe, a painter and sculptor (and founder of the Paintallica art group) whose work taps into the gritty underbelly of the world where the highway curves through the giant redwood forests and motorcycle punk meets mysticism.

Although Attoe's artwork, including towering stands of trees and Bigfoot creatures, appear on T-shirts, scarves and sweaters, most of the influences are a more subtle nod to the "things aren't as they seem" motif...

Sounds edgy! Or, silly? Or exciting! Or, I dunno. I like the Bigfoot shirt. Here's another:


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