Joel Salatin at Redwood Acres




We featured an interview with farming guru Joel Salatin in last week's Good Food issue as a prelude to his keynote speech at the North Coast Co-op's Sustainable Agriculture Expo. Now we bring you the speech itself, with a big thank you to the folks at KMUD and in particular reporter Kerry Reynolds, who recorded the talk.

Part 1: Why should we be interested in local foods? From "food safety" to the "sacred sacrifice."

Joel Salatin at Redwood Acres Part 1 by BobDoran

Part 2: The unseen world of bacteria... Can local food systems feed the world? Food sovereignty: "At the end of the day, it's just us."

Joel Salatin Part 2 by BobDoran

Part 3: Where's the kitchen? I don't know... You've got to be willing to pay for food... Nobody does it right the first time... Does anybody care?

Joel Salatin - Part 3 by BobDoran

More photos from the Sustainable Agriculture Expo here.


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