Field Notes Takes the Plunge



Our intrepid Field Notes science writer Barry Evans took the "Perilous" Plunge on Saturday and survived to file this report:

"Was it cold?" I've been asked, oh, about 20 times. Honestly, I've no idea -- I was in and out, and what with all the music and general merriment at the F Street dock around noon on Saturday, I didn't really notice the water much. What with the good cause -- the Perilous Plunge is the only annual fundraiser for the Discovery Museum -- and the joyous crowd, 89 of us plungers (not really perilous, truth to tell) became one with Humboldt Bay for a few seconds, lived to tell the tale, and discovered the sensuality of a hot tub seconds from the site of our immersion. Looks like I could become a regular...

~ Barry Evans




and "the sensuality of a hot tub"


Photos by Jacob Pounds



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