Klamath Tsunami Victim Found




The remains of 25-year-old Dustin Douglas Weber, who was swept off a sandspit March 11 by a tsunami surge at the mouth of the Klamath River, were found 300 miles north near the mouth of the Columbia River, reports the Crescent City Daily Triplicate and KGW-NewsChannel 8 in Portland with the Associated Press (h/t Lost Coast Outpost).

According to the reports, somebody discovered the body on April 2 near South Jetty in Fort Stevens State Park, and on Tuesday the Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office identified it as Weber.

Lori Davis, Weber's mother, told KGW reporters that her Yurok mother -- her son's grandmother -- had recently given him an old family house in Requa, overlooking the ocean near Klamath. Weber's father, Jon Weber, had driven him to Requa and helped him get set up in the house two weeks before the tsunami hit.

Following the earthquake in Japan, Dustin Weber had gone to the river mouth after the time he'd heard the tsunami would arrive on the West Coast, not realizing there would be more surges later, his family told reporters. He was skipping rocks when one of the waves took him.

"There was a sneaker wave that came down the shoreline," Weber's father told reporters for KGW. "Some friends of his were down there taking pictures. I think he was expecting the wave to come out of the ocean, but it didn't. It came down the shoreline."

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