Jager, With a Bud Chaser



Breaking news this morning from the Eureka Chamber of Commerce: Today at noon, in a "special presentation" sure to rival the Royal Wedding in pomp, circumstance and elegant textiles, Eureka Mayor Frank Jager will be presented with "a commemorative Clydesdale horseshoe" in honor of the historic attendance of Budweiser's corporate mascots at Saturday's Rhody Parade.

Reached by phone this morning, Jager was emotional. "This is the most important gift bestowed upon the City of Eureka by a multi-national food and/or beverage company since, well gosh ... I suppose you'd have to go back to '77 when ol' Sam Sacco got that tunic of leaves from the Jolly Green Giant," Jager said.

Asked what the city would do with the oversized horseshoe, Jager said it would likely be attached to a key that can unlock any bathroom in the city.

[Note, the second two paragraphs of this post are bona fide horse pucky. The "special presentation" is actually happening.]

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