You Write Seven-O-Heaven



In case the attention lavished on local authors in this week's NCJ Book Issue has you feeling a bit jealous, we at the Journal wanted to give you, the readers, the opportunity to do some brief writing of your own.

Like, really brief.

This week's cover features Seven-O-Heaven star Will Startare delving into local author Amy Stewart's latest word brick Wicked Bugs (see Wicked Popular). Here's your challenge: How would/should/could Will react to Amy's prose?

Your mission, should you be bored enough to accept it, is to author your own one-panel comic to be included in next week's Journal. Hell, we'll even throw in copies of this issue's featured books. Sound fun? No? Too bad.

Don't blow this, Humboldt. Write now.

(E-mail your wit to [email protected]. Do it.)

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