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This week's cover story, called "Queasy Eats," is the result of a months-long investigation by HSU students enrolled in an advanced reporting class taught by Asst. Professor (and the Journal's Media Maven) Marcy Burstiner. The issue is on the streets now and will be online tomorrow morning. But this here feature is so cool that we simply can't wait that long to show it to you.

The story is an examination of public food safety across the county, including hundreds of individual reports as well as the county's methods for conducting the inspections, the restaurants' records of compliance and the obstacles to public transparency.

That last one's a bugger. When's the last time you saw a health inspection report before sitting down for a meal out? Yeah, us either. Thankfully the industrious students of JMC 326 have done much of the work for us. Below is a map of Humboldt County with links to 95 noteworthy inspection reports. (We should note, this is not a comprehensive collection; there are more than 750 restaurants, food trucks, deli counters and cafeterias in Humboldt County.)

To access individual reports simply click on any of the markers, then click the name of the restaurant to view the county's report.

View Humboldt County Restaurant Inspection Reports in a full screen map

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