Sure, Take Lassie To Work



Dogs are cute. Fluffy. Scruffy. Loyal. Irascible. Smart. Hard workers, sometimes. Slackers, usually. Heroes. Bums -- good for stories! And, of course, Man's best chums.

Which is why most everyone in the whole snookered world will be tickled as fleas to learn that tomorrow, June 24, is Take Your Dog To Work Day. Except, uh, those of us with ALLERGIES and life-threatening asthma (like me, dammit).

But I do like the doggies and have not one single problem with their personalities. So, if you insist on foisting your wonderful dog on your workmates -- who either a) already celebrate dogs and don't need proselytizing, b) hate dogs and won't be charmed, or c) could die from a sloppy kiss-and-hairy-lean maneuver -- please consider this please-all solution:



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