Help "Eureka California" play Eureka, California! (UPDATE: VICTORY!)



8/31 BIG UPDATE!: After several generous but less than ideal offers to play at non-Eureka venues or in people's backyards, The Lil' Red Lion -- the-bar-we-all-kinda-knew-they-should-play-at-anyway -- has stepped into the hero role. Eureka California will play Monday, Sept. 5 at, you know, the time bands play in bars.

Dream realized.


8/26: Attention, local music venue stewards!

I'll try not to confuse you, but you'll need to follow close. Eureka California, a band hailing from Athens, Georgia, is currently on tour and is looking for a place to play in Eureka Monday, Sept. 5.

Did you get that?

Eureka California is currently without a place to play in Eureka, California. Take a sec if you need to.

They'd likely be open to playing in Arcata, but I dunno if that's a good idea -- conceivably, that could make clocks run backwards and dogs and cats get along, or something.

Anyway, do the right thing. Let 'em in.

UPDATE: I tracked down a track. This is what Eureka California sounds like, Eureka, California.



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