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Jason Wilson -- aka Shunka Wakan -- is hanging up his monkey wrench and hammer. Or, his website, anyway. Said the long-time, heart-on-his-sleeve, softspoken Earth First! activist in his e-mailed newsletter this week:

This will be the final e-mail from North Coast Earth First! Media. After 13 years of activism, under the banner of "North Coast Earth First!," it's finally time to lay it to rest. My journey began in September of 1998, and my first action with Earth First! was the day that David "Gypsy" Chain was killed. After a very active decade, and a relatively quiet past 3 years, it's finally time for me to move on.

The final newsletter contains two memorials: One for Chain, and one for Wakan's mother, called "Mama Joy Belle," who died three years ago Sept. 25. In the memorial for his mom, Wakan wrote:

Like most moms, she was initially very worried about my involvement with North Coast Earth First! Since I was facing potential involuntary manslaughter charges, in association with the death of David "Gypsy" Chain, her concern was well-warranted. She was well-aware of the corporate power structure, and warned me that "these are dangerous people you're dealing with."

Wakan fell out with some local activists also identifying with Earth First!, and their rift came to a head in 2007 after Wakan and a donor battled with the Trees Foundation over rights to a large donation.

The tone of his resignation is part weary: "We've been getting donated website hosting for the past several month, yet I just noticed that the website is down and have been unable to contact the administrator." Plus, he adds, there's not a lot going in Humboldt right now except for the court-malingering Richardson Grove.

And part defiant: "I will always be an activist at heart, and will continue to do all I can do to make the world a better place, as long as I still have breath."

Keep in touch, friends, says Shunka: E-mail: [email protected]. Facebook:



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