Go, civil liberties!



A passing shout-out to Arcata from a writer who dared to read the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution in a New Mexico airport when TSA wanted to scan, scan, scan:

People walking to the gate stare wide-eyed, but no one stops. In my hometown of Arcata, someone would have whipped out a cell phone and filmed it for You Tube, or at least “Shame!”ed the police for this act of cruelty.

See her full post on AlterNet, with the charming headline "Bizarre: Woman Roughed Up, Arrested for Reciting the Constitution during TSA Inspection." She's got the same tale up on her own cryptic website. Seems like someone worth knowing -- why so incognito, T.P.? It's not like you're the Mirror, sayin' stuff you outta be ashamed of.



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