You'd Better Watch Out, You'd Better Not Cry …



OK police. OK occupiers. You're being watched.

Or more accurately, you're gonna be watched, very soon, by specially trained independent observers. (No, not TV reporters!)

An independent observer program that was active in the early 2000s during timber protests is being revived and will start training new observers next month. Mark your calendar for Sunday, Jan. 15, from 1:30 to 6 p.m.

The observers are taught to make observations without value judgments or interpretations. They take notes if they see potential harm to people or property at protests, rallies or demonstrations. (Sorry, they are not available for family gatherings or company holiday parties.) When appropriate, independent observers write reports that are kept on file with the program, which is endorsed by Humboldt County's Human Rights Commission.

For more information on the Jan. 15 training session, contact the Human Rights Commission hotline at 268-2548 or Christina Allbright, one of the trained observers, at 672-5958.



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