Don't Serve Alcohol to Humboldt's Youngins




First, it's just, like, a bad thing to do. But also because sometimes those minors are decoys deployed by local law enforcement. The EPD sent out the following press release:

(Eureka) – The Eureka Police Department, in conjunction with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, cited two clerks/employees for selling alcohol to a minor, and cited one other adult who purchased alcohol for a minor on 2-10-2012. This action was the result of a “minor decoy” and “shoulder tap” operation conducted with grant funding.

      The Minor Decoy Operation involves minors who work under the direct supervision of law enforcement and attempt to purchase alcohol from 29 retail licensees in the City of Eureka, and greater Eureka area.     

      Those who sold to the minor face a maximum of a $250.00 fine, and/or 24 to 32 hours of community service for a first violation. In addition, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) may take administrative action against the business’s liquor license. That may include a fine, a suspension of the liquor license, or the permanent revocation of the license. 

      The minor decoy WAS ABLE to purchase alcohol from the following businesses:

1). Patriot Gasoline (4175 Broadway)

2). Babettas Restaurant (1587 Myrtle Ave)

The minor decoy WAS UNABLE to purchase alcohol from the following businesses:

1). Performance Fuels (1125 4th Street)

2). Shell Gasoline (1310 5th Street)

3). N&S Liquors (1505 5th Street)

4). Chevron (2806 Broadway)

5). Texaco (3505 Broadway)

6). Broadway Gas-N-Deli (4050 Broadway)

7). Performance Fuels (1007 Broadway)

8). Patriot Gasoline (1723 Broadway)  

9). Stop and Shop Market (39 Wabash)

10). C&V Market (1634 F Street)

11). Handee Market (3500 F Street)

12). Harris and K Market (3103 K Street)

13). Harris Street Market (411 West Harris)

14). Shell Gasoline (1434 Myrtle Ave)

15). Gas-N-Go (1711 4th Street)

16). Courthouse Market (905 4th Street)

17). Fourth Street Shell (2111 4th Street)

18). Plaza 76 / Circle K (2480 6th Street)

19). 14th Street 76 (1411 Broadway)

20). California Market (2100 California)

21). Safeway (2555 Harris Street)

22). Walgreens (2525 Harris Street)

23). United Gas (1679 Myrtle Ave)

24). Three Corners Grocery (5945 Myrtle Ave)

25). Harris Street Shell (111 West Harris)

26). Round Table Pizza (2810 E Street)

27). Winco Foods (636 West Harris)

      Decoys also solicited a number of adults for the purchase of alcoholic beverages outside local licensed establishments.  During that operation, one Eureka resident was arrested after furnishing the decoy with an alcoholic beverage. The resident was subsequently cited and released with a notice to appear.  

      This project is part of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s Minor Decoy / Shoulder Tap Grant Project, funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

      The Eureka Police Department would like to commend and thank the 27 licensees whose employees properly checked identification and did not sell to the decoy.  

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