Humboldt Tweets the Earthquake! (UPDATING)



The USGS is reporting that the earthquake that shook us all up a few minutes ago -- at 1:07 p.m., to be exact -- richtered in at 5.3   5.5 5.6 (updated) and was centered near Weitchpec.

First off, everyone good? Let us know if otherwise.

As of 1:25 p.m. the Eureka Police Department had no reports of damage. But Humboldtians are providing their own reports on Twitter -- a few with some added hidden advertisements! Some highlights:

@healthsport: Earthquake makes for a more exciting workout@ HealthSPORT! Shake up your fitness routine today!

: I lived in Northridge in '94, so I'm somewhat blasé about these lesser quakes.

@VenloChocolates: Our customers did not budge from their Valentine chocolate during our 5.3 earthquake 10 minutes ago. They know what's priority .

: 5.5 earthquake just knocked a bunch of jars off the shelf and 0 breakage, that Per glass is tough stuff.

: Yikes, that was a frisky little earthquake. I'm betting 4.9. Anyone else?

: All ice cream seems to have survived that earthquake.

: I just read like 10 tweets in a row. Alas, I was walking across town in Eureka and didn't feel it at all.

: Earthquake in humboldt county! Ahh I hope the weeds ok..

: What earthquake?

UPDATE: A report from Weitchpec.

UPDATE: CNN thinks Weithpec is between "centered between Crescent City and Eureka and near the coast."

UPDATE: And because we know you were all concerned, Humboldt's most famous earthquake whisperer Chris Durant reports via Facebook that he's alive and well. (NOTE: Durant says "I'm actually wearing the same shirt today as in the video." Coincidence... OR CONSPIRACY?)

A sample of Durant's past earthquake quakin':



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