No Love for Eureka



Happy Valentine's Day, Humboldt... except you Eurekans. You've been deemed un-romantic by the folks at Redbox -- you know, the company that plants those faceless DVD spewing kiosks in high-traffic shopping locations. Yeah, those love experts.

Eureka ranked fifth on Redbox's list of "10 Least Romantic Cities" based on the number of romantic comedies we rent behind three cities in Texas and one in Mississippi. 

People of Eureka: If this outrages you and you want to improve our standing in future rankings, uh, consider rushing out to pick up a copy of the new release What's Your Number?  now in a Redbox near you!

Huh? There is no Redbox in Eureka?

Whatever. Great list, Redbox!


(h/t TAM)

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