The Lone Trail




Giddy news reports say he's just looking for love. That pursuit, plus his long absence in the Golden State, must explain the Kardashian-sized obsession Lone Wolf OR7's fans have for him. But perhaps the gray wolf -- who wandered from his home pack in Oregon into California recently, taking a circuitous estimated 2,000-mile route -- has begun to ponder whether rural California is really the place he oughta be?

As all you Lone Wolf OR7 twitter followers, etc, already know, California hasn't seen the big furry fanged likes of him since the last wolf in this state was killed in 1924 -- until Dec. 28, when he entered Northern California. He lingered awhile. Then, last week, he began vacillating back and forth across the border. On Thursday he left Siskiyou County and crossed back into Oregon. On Monday he returned to California. Decisions, decisions. Should he try to beam some but-look-at-me! charisma at those California ranchers who are pretty sure he's going to like cow and sheep as much as he enjoys venison? Should he wait 'til those environmental groups -- including the Environmental Protection Information Center -- win their petition to put him on the state protected list under the California Endangered Species Act? (He's already protected by the feds.)

It's a toughy. He probably didn't like what he saw last week, pawing through old records (from 2001) down at the Siskiyou County courthouse:

"WHEREAS, it is a well documented fact that the grizzly bear is an uncontrollable and deadly threat to man; and

WHEREAS, it is a well documented fact that the wolf is an uncontrollable and deadly threat to livestock ...

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SISKIYOU COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS that it is opposed to any attempt to introduce or reintroduce the wild grizzly bear, wolf, or any other unacceptable predatory mammal into Siskiyou County. ..."

"Unacceptable predator?" Hmmph. Comparing him to a grizzly?! Brrr. But wait -- he introduced himself. Does that count?

Yep, he was gonna need a lawyer.

For a map and updates on OR7's travels, check out the DFG website devoted to him.

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