Is This Stripped Bike a Crime or an Art Installation?



This year, it seems, the tableau outside the Humboldt County Courthouse has served as a Rorschach test for local residents. Some look at the huddled Occupy protesters and see a righteous social movement -- stallwart defenders of justice. Others look at the same scene and see wastrels. Social rot.

Some look at hand-drawn signs tied to the chain-link fence and see the First Amendment in action; others see vandalism.

Then there's the courthouse building itself: Is it the ugliest government building in Humboldt County, or is it the ugliest in the state?

Today the Journal received via email two photos from courhouse employee/bicycle commuter Rodney Brunlinger, along with the following message:


My friend, photographer Kenton Davis Armstrong, took these photos this morning next to the Courthouse on I Street.

This bike has been locked up for more than one month.  Last week, the seat disappeared.  Last night, the wheels followed.

For me, these photos represent the social, political, and financial rust of America in 2012.

Lean back, rub your chin in a thoughtful manner and tell us what you see.


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