St. Joe's 'Vastly' Downplays Layoffs



Back on Monday we reported that 68 people were losing their jobs at St. Joseph Hospital and Redwood Memorial Hospital. At a press conference, CEO Joe Mark said the jobs being cut were "predominantly in non-clinical support staff." Moments later he one-upped "predominantly," saying that while there were "some nurses" and "some clinicians" being let go, "the vast majority are coming out of the support area."

How vast was this majority? As it turns out, roughly as vast as the pie slice majority in the Trivial Pursuit tray pictured above. After several back-and-forth emails, St. Joe's spokesperson Leslie Broomall provided us with the numbers: 10 nursing positions were eliminated and another 12 positions came from the clinician side. Together that accounts for nearly a third of the total layoffs.

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