At the Courthouse: What's Wrong/Right with This Picture?



Keep on the grass!

About five and a half months after it went up, the fence surrounding the Humboldt County Courthouse lawn is gone. A frequent target of Occupy Eureka signage and disdain, the barrier was removed this morning by county officials and the vendor from whom the fence was rented.

As you'd expect, occupiers happily rolled right on to the grass, enjoying what they perceived as a slight symbolic victory.

"I think in some ways we have beaten them," occupier James Decker said. "They have not been able to get rid of us."

But in case you're worried that the county has surrendered to the power of Occupy Eureka, know that there is non-political reasoning behind the fence removal.

"We determined that the rainy season is over," said Assistant County Administrative Officer Cheryl Dillingham. "The lawn can accommodate foot traffic again."

Well, great. But it could sure use a mow. 


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