Uh, Who Keeps Bringing Us Flowers?



Prettys! Brightly colored, construction paper-wrapped wildflowers adorned the North Coast Journal doorway when the earliest-rising employees arrived this morning. Keeping up a tradition that our more seasoned colleagues estimate dates back at least a decade, the flowers were delivered in a fashion predominantly employed only by our most favorite blog commenters: anonymously.

We're assuming our stealthy florist was inspired by the May Day tradition of leaving "May baskets" on neighbors' doors. But what's weird/aww-inspiring is that even after the Journal moved its offices from Arcata to Eureka two years ago, the annual flora-on-our-door-uh trend continued.

So, that's cool.

Anyway, gracias for the sweet office smells, secret flower person. And thanks for renewing our appreciation of anonymity.


I mean, it could have been Heraldo or Humbug, right?

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