Do You Support Caregivers?


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The Tri-County Independent Living Center, as it does every year, has asked local political candidates to answer a series of questions regarding disability and accessibility issues. The candidates polled this year are all running for a supervisorial seat.

The questions asked included "How would you encourage compliance with the ADA, for businesses?" and "What is your response to the fact that Humboldt is one of only seven counties statewide that still pay minimum wage with NO benefits to our IHSS caregiver?"

Two candidates -- Mark Lovelace and Cheryl Seidner -- didn't respond to the survey.

The others answered most questions similarly -- like nice, thoughtful people. Some share personal experiences, say, of having a disabled family member, or a homeless friend. All seem supportive of In Home Supportive Services. Most want to find ways to pay them better. And as for ADA compliance, the candidates seem keen on compliance with the law, yes, but through helpful means not lawsuits and business shut-downs.

You may read the survey here.



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