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The Contest: We all assume cannabis will eventually get past the current quasi-legal medical marijuana stage. When it does, Humboldt needs a plan for the future. Branding will be über -important. With that in mind, we’re looking for a catchy (new) brand name for Humboldt-grown marijuana. Entries we made in the comments to this post (see below) and on Facebook.

The Prizes: We are giving away a pair of tickets to opening weekend of Dell’Arte’s Mary Jane: The Musical, the must-see show of the summer that launches the Mad River Festival this weekend out in Blue Lake.

We also have a bunch of tickets to  the High Times 2012 Medical Cannabis Cup  Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24, at Craneway Pavilion in Richmond with ganja-related panels and workshops and displays from med-pot shops plus the “Official High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Party” Saturday night with Del The Funky Homosapein among the musical acts. 

The Results (The Winners!)

Our panel of expert judges has deliberated and come up with some winners.

Grand Prize Award: Humbuds

Gerald Hooker wins two tickets to see Dell'Arte's Mary Jane: The Musical on opening weekend and a Mary Jane T-shirt. Unfortunately he will not be able to see the show this evening since tonight's performance has been called off on account of rain.

Second prize winner, Jacques, gets two tickets to the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup for his brand name: Humboldt Dream.

Runners up: George Kush for HumGrown, Barrett Kelly for Humtasty Smooth, Jeff B. for Safety Meeting 101 and Timmy for Los(t) Toast -- all win tickets to the Cannabis Cup. Journal cartoonist Joel Mielke gets honorable mention for Humboldt Old Growth, although as a staffer he gets no prize.

Special mention to Frumboldt. The name was popular with the judges however, as a member of the Mary Jane cast pointed out, Frumboldt is an existing brand name for bongs (made here in Humboldt) and the company is one of the sponsors for Mary Jane: The Musical.

Our expert panel included the Journal staff, the esteemed Dell'Arte Founding Artistic Director Joan Schirle, who plays Mary Jane, Queen of the Emerald Ball in The Musical, and MJ cast member Janessa Johnsrude, who play dreadlocked Humboldt Honey Chanterelle La Plaza Dancer.

Local pot writer Sharon Letts weighed in before departing for the Cannabis Cup. She is currently on assignment for Nug Magazine and Weed World UK  covering the Cup and Mary Jane: The Musical (she loved it, says it's almost a whole new show, better than last year).

And we had Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader, local hip hop musician and ganja advocate, who recently released a new album Original Dankster, with his unique take on the industry. 

Thanks to our judges and to all who entered.

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