Bite You In The Face



That's what the Humboldt marten does to the porcupine, supposedly. And it's what the Center for Biological Diversity does, too, when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fails to do what the Center wants -- in this case, protect the minksy little triangle-eared critter, of which there are apparently only 20 left in California and 100 total in existence anywhere.

In a news release sent out today, the Center announced it was suing the Service for failing to act on a 2010 petition to protect the Humboldt marten under the Endangered Species Act. This January, the Service said that Martes americana humboldtensis' need for protection may be warranted. But then it failed to make a final decision by an April deadline. The Center announced it would sue, and now it has.

The Center claims that the Service's failure to make a final ruling could legally lead to a default, in which some protections "immediately go into effect for the marten."

With a little helpful nip on the nose, perhaps.

For the Service's info on the marten, go here. For the Center's info, go here.

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