Your Weekend Humboldt Homework: Take Pictures


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Before the bell rings, can we have your attention, HumCo? Just want to make quadruply sure the NCJ's impending little photo contest/exercise is adequately hyped before the weekend when your eyes wander away from your beloved/retina-mangling computer screens.


Remember tomorrow on 7/7 at 7:07 -- a.m. or p.m., your choice -- snap us a little slice o' Humboldt with your lens of choice, whip up a little caption and send it to us at h[email protected]. We'll award some prizes to the one(s?) we think are better than the ones that are not as good. Don't phone this in. (Unless your phone takes really good pics.)

'Cuz we don't like repeating things, check out our submission criteria in its entirety in this very "share"able (hint) Facebook event

Class dismissed!



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