The Humboldt Sentinel reports on a stunning ideological coup attempt at Monday's special meeting of the Humboldt County Supervisors, wherein the conservative majority moved to invalidate the nearly complete General Plan Update and potentially start from scratch.

According to the report, Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg complained that the document, which has moved through a lengthy public input and planning commission process, is "just too big and unwieldy to digest." Brand-new First District Supervisor Rex Bohn agreed, saying he didn't have enough time to familiarize himself with the update, according the to report.

After the meeting, Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace sounded an exasperated note on his Facebook page:

At our meeting today, Supervisors Sundberg and Bohn asked staff to bring back some "alternatives" to the General Plan Update we have before us, such as just 'tweaking' the old 1984 plan. The draft before us was guided by 11 Supervisors and 14 different Planning Commissioners, with input from over a thousand community members at over 200 meetings over 12 years. There is no magic shortcut.

The matter will be considered at what's sure to be a heated meeting next Monday, Sept. 17.


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