Getting Rowdy With Big G



Journal stringer and electronica fan Travis Turner contributed this piece about Wednesday's big, big EDM show presented by World Famous at Blue Lake Casino featuring Big Gigantic and Adventure Club. 


by Travis Turner

If your life has been missing ample amounts of rowdy saxophone, electronic bass and live drumming, then you are probably ready for the monstrous sounds of Big Gigantic. As the name implies they are taking a colossal swing at the electronic dance genre and getting super-sized results.
Big G, as they are sometimes called, consists of Dominic Lalli - who plays the sax and produces the tracks - and Jeremy Salken on drums. The two Colorado natives had a humongous year moving up the bill to headline music festivals, tour and stage their own sold out show at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in their home state. At Red Rocks they made their mark by using 3D projection software to map the rocks for the first time.
To be succinct, they kill it. Big time.
I have never written about a band, group or musician I didn't feel a connection with; whether it was the style, the vibe or the sound. After watching Big G three times this summer - at Lightening in a Bottle in Southern California and twice at High Sierra Music Festival - I have to say they are at the top of my list of EDM performers. After a trio of experiences I can't wait to see them again.
To add a bit to my stokedness, I spoke with Lalli on the phone last week.

Travis Turner: I watched the videos from Red Rocks and it seemed to be an incredible show. How was your experience?

Big G: It was such an epic thing for us and Red Rocks is just an amazing venue. To be home and sell it out the week of is unbelievable and we had a great party out there. It was the first time we video mapped the rocks and it was just a great, great time. Super epic.

TT: What's your inspiration for being out there making music?

BG: We love to make music and play music and throw a great party. We wanted to make something different in the electronic dance genre.

TT: Been up to Humboldt County yet?

BG: No, we haven't really toured the West Coast yet except for a few things like a show with Bassnectar, so this is a good opportunity for us to get out there and hit the West Coast hard. We have a huge production and lighting rig with some LED pods inside. So it's cool we are really getting to do our own show and tour the West Coast and put our flavor out there.

TT: You had a pretty big summer on the festival scene. How was that compared to the last couple of years? It seems you took a big jump on the bill.

BG: Yeah, for sure. One of the most exiting things is we headlined our own night at a new festival called Summer Set with Pretty Lights. Beyond that we did Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Outside Lands along with a bunch of really cool festivals all over the country. We had a really good summer and a ton of really nice spots while we were touring.

TT: How has that translated to you as far as your fan base? Are people embracing the new sound you're putting out there?

BG: Yeah, absolutely. It's phenomenal. We did a bunch of shows in front of huge crowds and that in turn gets your fan base pumped up. Now we come out and we get to do a more grassroots way of promoting our sound. It's just awesome.

TT: Anything you are really looking forward to as far plans for the rest of the year.

BG: Just getting out to the West Coast and hanging with all the people there. Also, we are the opening headliner for the Snow Globe Music Festival [South Lake Tahoe].

Big Gigantic  will be playing Oct. 10, at the Blue Lake Casino & Hotel along with Adventure Club  and up and coming EDM artist GRiZ. You can download all of Big Gigantic's and GRiZ's music online for free.


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