One Bright Saturday


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Saturday was a great day for art in Humboldt, starting in the morning with dozens of artists circling the Arcata Plaza with vibrant colors for Northcoast Children's Services' 25th Annual Pastels on the Plaza. Sponsors make a donation to the nonprofit and either find an artist to represent them or one is assigned. The ephemeral creations last for a few days before foot traffic and/or rain fade them into history.


Journal graphic designer Lynn Jones created this life-like Stellar's jay for a local birding shop.

The Journal sponsored this square designed by arts editor Bob Doran and front office assistant Sophia Dennler as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the sidewalk chalk event. (Sophia, a talented artist, did the bulk of the detailed pastel work.) 


HSU journalism professor and photojournalist Mark Larson sent us this collection of images capturing and preserving the artists in action and the beauty they created. 


Artist Alan Sanborn, Arcata, brushes pastels on his creation for Solutions during Pastels on the Plaza in Arcata on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012. The pumpkin artwork in the foreground was created for the Humboldt Area Foundation by Janine Melzer and Jill Moore.


Artist Amy Jo Wahlberg created a "still life with apples" for Plaza Professionals.


"Every day is a good day for Day of the Dead," said artist Darcy Brown, Eureka, during her work on the Clarke Museum's square for Pastels on the Plaza.


Pedro Morandi, a Rotary Club exchange high school student from Brazil, used pastel chalk to create a flag on the cheek of fellow exchange student Franco Calleja (from Chile) during Pastels on the Plaza.


Duane Flatmo, featured on the poster for the 25th annual Pastels on the Plaza, works on one his imaginative neo-cubist portraits.


Howdy Emerson, Trinidad, put the finishing touches on his art work for the Westhaven Center for the Arts.


Anna Peters, a high school student in Arcata, created the HSU Children's Center artwork for Pastels on the Plaza.


Artist Joyce Jonte, Fieldbrook, checks the photo of her children, Molly (right) and Calvin (left), and husband, Bruce, as she finishes her artwork for Los Bagels.


Artist and disc jockey Amy Berkowitz, Eureka, paused during her pastel creation for KHUM-FM.


Amy Berkowitz in action with some photographic artistry by Mark Larson.


Micha Royce, Arcata, puts the finishing touches on her art for the Natural History Museum during Pastels on the Plaza.


The artists during Pastels on the Plaza transformed the pastel chalk sticks into a wide array of powder, paste and paint.


Trevor Shirk, Arcata, provided pastel artwork and a Quick Response Code (the barcode matrix) for his Genevieve Schmidt Landscape sponsor during Pastels on the Plaza.


Jordan Caya, Eureka, volunteered to help pass out and recycle pastel chalk during the Pastels on the Plaza benefit for Northcoast Children's Services. He works for Head Start.


And you'll find lots  more photos from Pastels here.


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