Proctor's Bad Gamble



Brandon Jon Proctor, 25, of Klamath, was sentenced Thursday in Humboldt County Superior Court for trying to stab a state fish and game warden on Sept. 25, reports the California Department of Fish and Game. According to the news release, Warden Paul Weldon was out in Orick investigating an unrelated elk poaching when "a frantic couple with a flat tire" flagged him down.

The motorists pointed to Proctor and shouted that Proctor had slashed their tire with a knife.

As Weldon stepped into help, Proctor lunged for him with the hunting knife. Weldon disarmed and arrested him.

The motorists told Weldon that Proctor threatened them with the knife. Proctor had a prior felony conviction for assault.

He's been sentenced to two years.


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