Reason No. 4,172 You Don't Live in Santa Rosa: Humboldt Live Sessions



Ah, Humboldt harmoniousness...

If you needed another reminder of the immense talent we're hoarding here behind the Redwood Curtain, give a click or seven to videographer Chuck Johnson's recent Humboldt Live Sessions videos. For the last month or so, Johnson has been prolifically producing and uploading beautifully shot performances by local musical standouts.

Bonus: the clips are shot in scenic, quirky Humboldt locales -- for example, folk/punk group Gunsafe wails in the Ferndale Cemetery, six-string charmer Todd Krider finds Nirvana in the ruins behind Bayshore Mall and singer/songwriter Caitlin Jemma commits armed robbery at Three Corners Market.


Johnson, the man behind the lens, has been a musician and photographer for over 30 years. After purchasing his most recent camera, he started filming music at local festivals but wanted to take it a step further.

"Tons of people were already photographing and taking video at these same events," Johnson said via email. "I wanted something more personal that everyone else wasn't already uploading to YouTube with their cell phones."

So the Humboldt Live Sessions were born. Johnson imposes a few rules on himself for the clips: One continuous camera shot. No microphones blocking faces. Good music. Unique locations.

Hey, why hasn't your band been Humboldt Live Session-ed yet? Chuck says he's still looking for subjects. Get a hold of him!

"I want to keep this going as long as there are performers and locations to put in front of my camera."

Now enjoy this visual and aural celebration of Humboldt:

Lyndsey Battle's uke-enhanced stunning melodies in the Chicken House in Ferndale.
Song: "May Day"


Caitlin Jemma's post-Three Corners Market robbery musical reflection at Arrington Apples.
Song: "Get Real Loud"


Cory Goldman and Colin Vance pickin' on the Mad River.
Song: "Turtle Dove"


The Blackberry Bushes Stringband's Garberville barn jam.
Song: "Bridges"


The 51 Cards exude hip on Fickle Hill.
Song: "Squirtgun"


Todd Krider plays guitar better than Kurt Cobain in the Eureka ruins.
Song: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"


Chuck Johnson's website


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