Kimmel vs. HSU Now Actually a Thing [UPDATED]



UPDATE: National Public Radio, too? Yup. Click [audio-1] here to listen.


Humboldt State University's recent invitation/call out of late night host Jimmy Kimmel has been picked up by the Associated Press -- the media equivalent of "shit just got real."

We blogged on Monday about the letter sent out by HSU President Rollin Richmond and Associated Student President Ellyn Hender☼. But who the hell are we? The AP's decision to legitimize this beef means the story now  potentially appears before eyeballs surfing ... oh, we'll just list a few of the sites 'cuz it's fun and Thursdays are slow at the NCJ:

Washington Post

Huffington Post

Fox News


Denver Post

The Press Democrat


Kansas City Star (!!!)

OK, that got tedious, but there are oodles more. Non-AP acknowledgement also appeared on the L.A. Times blog.

The Journal adorably reached out to Mr. Kimmel for comment via the un-welcoming main ABC network website contact page. But really, y'all probably will have about as much luck as we will. So! If you'd like to help encourage Mr. Kimmel to make the trek north, click HERE, fill out the form "select a show or category," (geez) and optimistically click SEND. Even if he doesn't respond, at this point we can safely assume he's heard us.

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