Arcata Fig's Video Closing



Oh, this is sad for me -- not only because I hate to witness the slow demise of video stores but because of my personal connection to this one in particular. I worked at the Arcata branch of Figueiredo's for years (hence my ease with all those vowels in the name). Met my wife there, in fact.

No word yet on the official last day, but the press release below says the other locations will remain open.

David and Dana Figueiredo, owners of the Figueiredo's Video locations in Arcata, McKinleyville and Fort Bragg, have decided it's time to close the Arcata branch, which has been part of the community for 30 years.

The McKinleyville location will still offer the same great prices and extensive selection, and there will be a drop box in Arcata for the convenience of customers who rent from the other Fig's locations. Fig's will be incorporating many of the Arcata movies into the McKinleyville store.  David's brother, Bob Figueiredo still operates his Eureka and Fortuna locations.

Dana and David want to thank their many patrons for their continued support and loyalty over the years, as well as the many employees who have worked with them. Without the employees diligence and dedication they would not have had the time to enjoy their family and friends, or be able to be involved in the many community activities they so enjoy.

A special thanks goes to general manager Muriel Craig, who not only curated the vast selections in the stores, but also has been an extremely loyal friend, second mother and Nana to their family these past 30 years.

David and Dana remember their two children as babies in this family business; now they're college graduates starting lives of their own. When it doesn't make them feel too old, they love seeing their former employees in the community, some of them with children of their own.

David and Dana appreciate the Arcata community and wish you all the best.



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