Your Civic Duty Calls



Your friends are tired of hearing you grouse about a) "those weird metal contraptions the city calls 'public art'"; b) the peeled-paint, falling down houses in your neighborhood; c) the parking-ticket lady and your long, sad walk from the all-day parking lots; and d) the architectural hodgepodge cluttering up your street.

Your friends think you're off your rocker (what's wrong with the metal contraptions?!). Heck with 'em. You know what you must do: Apply to be on one of those city bodies that advise the city decision-makers, so you can throw the weight of your body around a little more officially.

Right now, the City of Eureka is looking to fill these vacancies, according to a news release:

Eureka Art and Culture -- one vacancy
Housing Advisory Committee -- one vacancy
Parking Place Commission -- two vacancies
Planning Commission -- one vacancy

Get your application by phone: 441-4144; in person at the mayor's office: 531 K St; or online:

You must be a registered voter residing within the city limits, the Humboldt Community Services District or Humboldt County Service Area No. 3 -- or own a business in Eureka.

These positions are unpaid. And you can't work for the city.

Your compensation? Those arch looks you'll be able to toss at your besmirching friends.

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