Arcata Cop In Parking Space Fracas Exits Force



Arcata Police Officer Kevin Stonebarger is no longer employed with the Arcata Police Department. As readers might recall, Stonebarger was involved in a verbal rumpus over a parking space in February 2012, outside Pho Tien Long restaurant in Eureka, where he and other members of the drug task force were having lunch.

APD Chief Tom Chapman would not say whether Stonebarger was terminated or left of his own accord.

An internal investigation into the incident had concluded Stonebarger committed several violations of conduct, including using a badge inappropriately, being rude to the public and overstepping his authority as a peace officer when he threatened to arrest a tow truck driver -- who was trying to haul away another agent's vehicle that occupied the space -- and the owner of the parking space -- who was lawfully trying to record the events, which were taking place in public. Stonebarger was taken off the drug task force and reassigned.

He filed a claim against the city refuting the conclusion of the investigation and saying he lost his position as a firearms instructor at College of the Redwoods because of the investigation. (The investigation report can be viewed in the claim document.)

The city rejected the claim this January. There was talk Stonebarger would file a lawsuit.

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