Pot Farmers' Market Lights Up in NorCal


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How did Humboldt County get beat to the punch on this one? (Insert lazy stoner joke here, if you must.)

According to a story from the quarterly magazine Modern Farmer, Northern California's first marijuana farmers' market is being run from a big purple warehouse outside the City of Sonoma. And the venue is helping to spark "a new demand for pot grown locally, sustainably, in small batches, outdoors, and rather cheaply," the story says.

Such markets are legal in the state (with proper documentation) but still verboten by the feds, whose ostrich stance on the issue is looking sillier by the day.

Reporter David Downs describes the Sonoma scene, which includes such familiar Humboldt tropes as old school reggae, "plaid-clad stoners" and "an elderly hippie couple" selling pot-laced hard candy.

On the day that Downs visited the market, the star vendor was a man in his late 50s offering potent buds "as thick as a child's arm." And wouldn't you know it?

"The grower won't give his name, but says he works outdoors in the Humboldt hills ... ."



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