Evolution of the Humboldt Brand


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Did you read yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle? Yeah, me neither. But Journal Publisher Judy Hodgson did! And she directed us to this write-up on the local marketing campaign known as Humboldt Made. Here's the key bit:

As part of its effort to let the world know that there's more to Humboldt than weed, the county's economic development division is working with local artisans, food makers, farmers and ranchers to position Humboldt products in the market as upscale, health conscious and earth friendly.

The effort represents the county's first foray into marketing via Facebook and YouTube. (Another series of YouTube vids is now in production.) Since we wrote about it in 2009 and 2010 the campaign has enlisted new businesses (there are more than 60 involved now) and new techniques, including a smartphone app and local-item expenditure tallies on grocery store receipts

What the Chron story doesn't mention is that the county is currently looking to hand off management of the campaign to another organization. Last month, Humboldt County Economic Development Coordinator Jacqueline Debets announced that "it's time for Humboldt Made to fledge from the County nest to a new host organization that can support it's growth potential."

The deadline to express interest was last Monday.


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