Update: Hatched! Check Out Humboldt's Bald Eagle Babies




Jean Pichler says the second Humboldt Bay eagle hatched just before dark on Wednesday. "Kyle," the first to hatch, was named after the property owner's nephew, who died in December.

The Humboldt Bay Eagles Facebook group invites local schoolchildren to suggest names for the second baby. The group is accepting suggestions on its Facebook page from any local K-8 classroom, along with a one-paragraph explanation of the class choice. Deadline for suggestions is May 25 -- the winner will be announced June 1.

Email [email protected] with questions about the contest.

Here's another cute video from Priscilla Szabo -- feeding time for the eaglets:


One down, one to go, for anyone who hasn't been glued to our local eaglecam for the past several weeks. Click here for the link.

Jean Pichler -- an admin of the Humboldt Bay Bald Eagles Facebook group -- says the second is expected to hatch anywhere from 24-72 hours. 

Eagle-watcher Priscilla Szabo shared this great video of the little fluffball wriggling around:

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