Phillip Smith-Hanes, the County's Chief Administrative Officer, is Job Hunting


Phillip Smith-Hanes
  • Phillip Smith-Hanes
County supervisors have had a lot of disagreements over the past three and a half years, but there seems to be consensus on at least one subject: Phillip Smith-Hanes is damn good at his job.

So it will likely be a disappointment to learn that the county's chief administrative officer since December 2009 is one of five finalists for the job of Coconino County manager, according to the Arizona Daily Sun.

In case your knowledge of Arizona County names is as bad as ours, Coconino County encompasses the state's north-central region, including the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona. Its population is nearly identical to ours, and with Grand Canyon National Park within its borders, it may be one of the few counties in the U.S. that can rival Humboldt for natural beauty.

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