Michael Johnson Withdraws Candidacy for EPD Chief Job [UPDATED]


UPDATE: City Manager Bill Panos just returned our calls and said that while he can't comment on specifics, the search for the city's next police chief "is taking a little longer than we thought. But we'd rather be really thorough in our determination."

So thorough, in fact, that Panos said, "We have in place probably the most comprehensive review/background investigation of police candidates at any time in the city’s history."

He said he's hoping a decision will be made by Sept. 1 or earlier.

Original post:

Michael Johnson, the current chief of police in Anderson and a former sergeant with Eureka Police Department, has reportedly withdrawn his candidacy after being (conditionally) offered the job of Eureka's next chief, according to the Lost Coast Outpost. Seems Johnson was peeved about the city's indecision, peeved that he couldn't get a hold of City Manager Bill Panos and peeved about the hiring process, which he called "unprofessional" in a letter to Panos. 

Head on over to the LoCO to read Johnson's full letter. 

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