How Much Did EPD's Free Truck Cost?


  • Eureka Police Department
Humboldt County's beefiest new truck was given to the Eureka Police Department gratis by the Defense Department last week. The catch? EPD had to pay to haul the 25-ton truck down here from Fort Lewis in Washington.

How much does that cost, you might wonder? $5,500, total said EPD Chief Murl Harpham. The department paid $2,500 and the Sheriff's Office chipped in $3,000 more.

Don't call it an "assault vehicle," Harpham says. It's for officer safety. And, he continued, conspiracy theorists need not worry — the new Emergency Response Vehicle is not signaling a militarization of the police department, nor is it the first step to take away everyone's guns.

Read Thad Greenson's Times-Standard article about the EPD's new toy here.

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