Plumbers Union Calling for Lost Coast Brewery Boycott


  • Grant Scott-Goforth
Rumors of this boycott had been brewing for some time, but apparently it's official. In a poster that appeared in Old Town overnight, the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local No. 290 accuses Lost Coast Brewery of hiring out-of-town contractors to build its new brewery on south Broadway, undercutting local wages and eliminating training opportunities.

The subcontractor, Cone Plumbing out of Yreka, "does not pay AREA STANDARD wages and benefits to their plumber employees," the flyer reads. "SUBSTANDARD wages contribute to the erosion of our local economy."

Calls placed to representatives of the union were not returned. Lost Coast Brewery owner Barbara Groom was unavailable, and has not responded to an email.

This isn't the first controversy surrounding the brewery's new digs. Neighbors of the new building, which is being built across Highway 101 from the Comfort Inn, complained about the project's impact on traffic, noise and views before the City of Eureka approved the project. This spring, neighbors were shocked when the brewery cut down a row of cypress trees two days before raptor mating season would have prevented the felling.

Here's the text of the boycott flyer:

Lost Coast Brewery unfair to local contractors and construction workers

Lost Coast has contracted with Hansen-Rice, an Idaho based construction company to build their new brewery. Hansen-Rice has subcontracted work to Cone Plumbing from Yreka, Ca.

Cone Plumbing does not pay AREA STANDARD wages and benefits to their plumber employees. SUBSTANDARD wages contribute to the erosion of our local economy. Cone Plumbing does not participate in our local California State Apprenticeship Program. Not participating in local training programs deny training opportunities for local workers in this community. Contracting opportunities and local construction jobs are important to us. Qualified local contractors and workers desperately need jobs. Dollars earned here by local people circulate here.

Lost Coast Brewery, by hiring out of area contractors has demonstrated a lack of concern for this community.

Please do not patronize Lost Coast Brewery to show your support for local construction workers.


The Union is not asking any individual to cease performing any services, or to refuse to pick up, deliver or transport any goods.

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