We Flunk, Mostly


The American Lung Association has released its State of Tobacco Control 2014, a report that "tracks progress on key tobacco control policies at the state and federal levels" according to the executive summary. The intent is to see how well jurisdictions are doing in protecting people from tobacco smoke.

Counties and cities are graded, too, in three areas: Smokefree Outdoor Air, Smokefree Housing, and Reducing Sales of Tobacco Products. According to this report, California is a backslider, having "made little to no headway in increasing its tobacco prevention and control funding, protecting its workers from loopholes in the smokefree workplace law, raising its cigarette tax or increasing cessation coverage."

And Humboldt? Ye are a cig-dangling, smoke-blowing, health-dismissing scofflaw, with four of your cities — Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell and Trinidad — and your unincorporated area receiving an overall F, and three other cities — Arcata, Blue Lake and Eureka — receiving a C overall. Cough! Here's our chart:


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