Ballots in the Mail; Voter Registration Deadline Looms


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The ballots are in the mail.

The Humboldt County Elections office today sent out ballots to the more than 34,000 county residents  who will be casting their ballots by mail this time around. Following national and state trends, nearly 46 percent of Humboldt’s 75,053 registered voters are now signed up to exercise their civic duty by mail, meaning that many in the county will begin casting their ballots for in advance of the June 3 Election Day.

With a couple of weeks remaining to register before the June Primary, Humboldt County’s numbers have fallen since the November 2012 General Election, when more than 80,000 residents were registered to vote. As of late last week, only 75,053 county residents are registered to cast ballots this go around. Of those, 31,095 were registered as Democrats, 19,091 as Republicans and 18,337 as Decline to State. More than 2,800 residents registered as Greens, 2,441 with the American Independent Party, another 766 as Libertarians and 317 with the Peace and Freedom Party, according to numbers supplied by the Humboldt County Elections Office.

For those who have not yet registered, the deadline to register to vote in this election is looming, as applications need to be hand-delivered to the Elections Office or postmarked by May 19.


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