Squee! thing (Or, Leave the Babies Be!)


Taken from a safe distance. - LINDA STANSBERRY
  • Linda Stansberry
  • Taken from a safe distance.

Look at this little guy all nestled down in the grass like we can't see him! We were hiking through the hills outside of Ettersburg when we almost stepped on him, he was so still and quiet. He's not going to move until his mom comes back. The doe pushed him down into the grass and ran the opposite direction to distract us, a common tactic when new fawns are too wobbly to run with the herd. Fawns have a very faint smell when they're young, and their dappled markings give them natural camouflage against predators, who only see in black and white.

Spring means baby season, so please be careful. Keep an eye on your dogs so they won't bother newborns or hatchlings. If you find a little guy like this fawn, just leave him be. He doesn't need rescuing. His momma will come back and she'll do a much better job raising him than you would. 

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