[UPDATED: With More Zaniness] A Brief, Incomplete History of Local TV Ads


In case you haven't seen it yet, this week's cover is all about local TV ads. But, since we don't have magical moving newspapers a la Harry Potter, readers are left with still images of some of our most (in)famous commercial productions. Except for here, online, where you can behold the glory of decades of Humboldt TV ads. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll pull your hair, you'll get sentimental.

Unfortunately, not everything is online. Much of Corky Cornwell's oeuvre is still on tape in storage. Online searches yielded little result for the famous Harvey Harper commercials of yore. But here's a collection of other wacky local ads you'll likely recognize.

Did we miss some? Tell us your favorites in the comments. Share links if you can find 'em online!

  • Some Corky nostalgia.

  • A Rick St. Charles two-parter — 20 years of his own favorite ads produced between 1985 and 2005. Rick's website.

  • Matt St. Charles has been behind this writer's favorite local ads for Sole Savers. Check 'em out on his YouTube channel and website.

  • Chad Johnson writes jingles and produces TV commercials.

  • Malcolm DeSoto's production company Runaway Kite. See his Vimeo channel here.

  • College of the Redwoods associate professor Montel Vanderhorck does occasional commercial work, including two spots for the Humboldt Crabs that can be seen here. (Disclaimer: this writer appears in one.)

    Journal reader and "former underpaid ad hack at Channel 3" Steve Spain submitted a handful of his favorites during his tenure at the station:

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