DA Candidates Covered in Weed


A savvy Fortuna merchant is peddling some of last year's great green crop for what, by his/her account, is a swinging deal. Yup, for "200 a unit" you can pick up some year-old, untrimmed, seeded trainwreck via Craigslist. The seller, apparently aware that pictures = clicks on Craigslist postings, carefully piled the "good bud" on the May 1 edition of our very own North Coast Journal — he or she had apparently kept the edition, which featured interviews with candidates for the county district attorney race, to refer back to. 

Why the Journal? To provide scale, perhaps, or to give a nice contrast background to the cavernous, textured pyramid of bud? A nod to the Journal's coverage of the Emerald Triangle industry? An allegory for the sticky-icky prosecution problems that will face DA-elect Maggie Fleming? When you pick up your turkey bag, ask for us.


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