You see this little bird? Just chillin’ with her gull thangs? She counts and so do they. Yes, we’re in the midst of the 115th Christmas Bird Count, and birding teams throughout the Western Hemisphere and Antarctica are venturing out to count all the birds they see within a designated sphere. Locally, a couple of counts have already been done. But there’s still Willow Creek left to do, on Saturday, Dec. 27. This one takes in Horse Mountain, parts of the south fork and main stem of the Trinity River, Salyer, and the southern Hoopa Valley; contact compiler Gary Lester, 839-3373 or [email protected]. Other counts include: Friday, Jan. 2, Tall Trees area, compiler Ken Burton, 499-1146 or [email protected]; and Sunday, Jan. 4, Loleta area, compiler Gary Lester. You must pre-arrange your attendance. 

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