THREE DAYS LEFT: Photo Contest! Style, Humboldt Style


Hey readers — every year we ask you to whip out your smart phone, pack up your DSLR or dust off that old 35mm camera to frame and snap some photos that scream “Humboldt.”

That time has come again, and this year we’re asking you to go out (or in) and capture Humboldt’s best styles. That means the people, rides, pets or designs that exemplify that certain North Coast je ne sais quoi. Wetsuits, Carhartts, dreadlocks, skinny jeans, sequins, plaid — we want to see Humboldt chic, whether or not it’s really, you know, chic.

Whether it’s you spending hours putting together an ensemble, or that friend we each have that always looks effortlessly cool, grab a camera, pose somewhere pretty and do your best Annie Leibovitz. Street fashion’s cool too — but we need names for the models, so no snickering submissions.

Submit your high-resolution JPEGs, along with your name, phone number, and the name of your model (if applicable), to [email protected]. Your pictures have to be fresh, meaning taken since the contest began on June 16, so include the date and time the photo shoot took place. Also, no Photoshop, Instagram-y filters or other tampering. You have until 11:59 p.m. on July 13, so don’t dilly dally.

Journal favorites have a chance at being published in a future issue and claiming more than $200 in gift certificates to local stores and restaurants, so get out there and find the people that make Humboldt look good, or, at least, look Humboldt. 

Check out our past photo contest spreads here and here.

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