UPDATE: New National Report on Suicide Rates in Jails


The Bureau of Justice Statistics has released a report on mortality in jails and state prisons. Its findings offer some perspective on the recent spike in suicide attempts at the Humboldt County jail, which saw 12 attempts in the last year, three times the amount of the previous two years.The statistics in the report do not include information for attempts, just deaths. Only one person has died as a result of suicide at the Humboldt County jail this year.

According to the report:
  • Suicides in jails increased 9%, from 300 suicides in 2012 to 327 in 2013.

  • ƒSuicide was the leading cause of death in jails in 2013 (34 percent of all jail deaths) and has been the leading cause of death in jails each year since 2000.
  • The suicide rate increased from 40 suicides per 100,000 local jail inmates in 2012 to 46 suicides per 100,000 local jail inmates in 2013.

    For the complete report, click here.

    For the recent Journal story about the suicide attempts inside the Humboldt County jail, click here.

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